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„ok, in my virtual band play different aliens, the drummer has four arms and three legs,

keyboardist three arms and on each hand 7 fingers of guitarist playing three guitars and two basses simultaneously,

the songwriter has three separate brains so each brain has its own taste in music

total every genre of music is played, the three brains have been arguing for over 30 years for which musical genre the band is to decide ,

a decision is not yet in sight .“

Hebbe B. I am a citizen of Signau Canton of Bern Switzerland and live in Baden-Baden Germany.

As 14-year-old I was vinyl DJ. have sung in choirs and played for sausage and beer trumpet ,

hear music of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Queen etc.

When I was a small child for the first time of Popcorn Gershorn Kingsley heard

I knew that one day I will make electronic music ,

but only two companies and six children later I found something time to make computer music.

Hebbe B mit Bruno

1. Footwork 2x2 Battel Track

2. BiBaBeat - N

3. 6XSX2

4. Kopfhörer Nr1

5. Lexa Terrestrial´s BANG! HvH ReMix

6. Langeweile N

7. Beat The Beat DnB

8. Aliendance

9. RockRoboRomance

Dance Robo Dance


ganz frisch und noch heiß



Die Veröffentlichen fast alles , also auch

RockRoboRomance , Beat the Beat und Alien Dance
release by the Label DooLoad

Hebbe B ist jetzt Top Artist bei tradebit

die spinnen die Amis"


Noch mehr Musik von HvH , Hebbe B und Freunde hier bei SoundCloud ...

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